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> Can someone remind me why citeproc-java isn’t good?  AFAIR, it has a
> bibtex parser.  But probably it lacks in some other dimension...

You have to write java to use it, which is a big negative (at least for
me).  Last time I think we concluded that the CLI interface it exposes
is not adequate (though I actually started off trying to use it).

There’s also the issue that it is just a bundling of citeproc-js with
some java libraries (js interpreter, bibtex processor, ...), so someone
who tries to extend it actually has to know both java and js.

> Do we WANT to depend on Pandoc?  I would say "no".  In my OS, where we
> finally got a binary distribution of pandoc, the size of pandoc is still
> 1600Mb!  I don’t know if this is representative of other systems, though.
> E.g. what is the size of pandoc+deps in Debian?

It’s unfortunate, but pandoc has the most easily adaptable CSL
implementation for our use case, as far as I can see.  The other
contender is Zotero (in JS, possibly with XUL-specific bits).  It would
be good if somebody looked at what it would take for us to use Zotero’s
implementation, just as Richard did for Pandoc.

Aaron Ecay

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