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> Hi,
> Ista Zahn <istaz...@gmail.com> writes:
>> I disagree. pandoc supports conversion to and from org-mode.
> I fail to see how this is relevant for the discussion at hand.

This is not really relevant for citations discussion itself, but having
pandoc will make it easier to use it for other interesting usages -
while the java option is as far as I understand citation only.
>> Making pandoc a requirement will enable other useful features (e.g.,
>> "Import documents from...", alternative pandoc-based exporters etc.
> AFAIK, nobody is working on this.

But it would be an interesting way for the future.


>> IMO pandoc is easy on Windows and OSX. It is easy on some Linux distros
>> but not all.
>> I use Arch LInux, where getting pandoc requires some work, but I think
>> that is an issue that the Linux distros need to work out.
> No it doesn't: pacman -S pandoc.
> The relevant question here is whether we can accept to rely on pandoc for
> CSL support.  Any other feature is irrelevant.
> At 25MB, a static, precompiled pandoc is probably fine, but for users of
> some OSs, such as Archlinux or even worse some OS where pandoc is not
> generally available as a precompiled package, it’s a really, really big
> dependency.  I may still be the best option, though.
> Rasmus

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