Thanks for the insight!

* Adam Porter <> wrote:
> But doing that would, as Carsten said, require rewriting a lot of code.
> Essentially you'd be creating a new agenda system, so you'd have to
> reimplement a lot of existing code.  You could do it in parallel, rather
> than replacing existing code, so you wouldn't have to break the existing
> agenda system.  But I don't think there's any way to shortcut writing
> the new system.  I don't think there's any "low hanging fruit."

My daily agenda takes twenty seconds, my weekly approximately a
minute and generating a monthly agenda is something I can only do
when I plan to leave the computer for a longer break.

Org-mode does not scale well, I'm afraid.

Repeatedly going through all agenda files does not seem to be a very
reasonable design choice for the general use-case. I would like to
see an alternative approach for the future of Org-mode.

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