Karl Voit <devn...@karl-voit.at> writes:

> First: I've occasionally mentioned all kinds of performance issues
> over the last years.

That's important indeed. But performance issues needs a proper profiling
report to be useful. The type of data being processed (i.e., something
that would be unusual, like 9k clock lines in a LOGBOOK drawer).

> I even started threads on how to improve things
> on a completely new level.

This doesn't ring a bell, sorry.

> I can provide many performance annoyances that affect me on a daily
> basis.

Great! Hopefully some of them can be fixed.

> So I am glad to be able to improve the situation for anybody. I have
> had slow agenda performance for many years and I had to live with
> it.

> Here is a current profiling report from my daily agenda:

Could you report it again running Org un-compiled (C-u M-x org-reload)?
Also, another report using "M-x elp-instrument-package" would be great,

Thank you.


Nicolas Goaziou

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