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Bastien Guerry writes:
Maybe this is where some misunderstanding arose: to me, there was no _project_ to migrate to -- it was an idea in the air after you made your experiment and we now have the decision at hand because
the project is, well, DONE.

We could have done it another way: we could have discussed it as a project, then anticipated that it will prevent Org's code to migrate to Emacs repository, then discussed the pros and cons before investing
more time.

Thanks for pointing out this alternative.

Several of us working on the manual did recently discuss various issues on the list. Nicolas had several messages, I responded to most of them, and others chimed in on particular parts: Achim Gratz, Kyle Meyer, and Kaushal Modi come to mind immediately, but there may have been others.

In the past, we could have been assured Carsten would join the discussion in one way or another as maintainer, working to keep us on track and guide us to the most productive use of our time.

However, you have chosen to fulfill the duties of maintainer in a different way, one that does not involve day-to-day interaction with the volunteers who are themselves choosing to spend time trying to augment and improve Org mode. I don't argue with this decision of yours, but to my mind, this is why we are where we are today.

Certainly, if I had understood in 2013 that my efforts would eventually work against Org mode by preventing migration of its code to Emacs repository (an issue that I don't understand fully but accept as valid), then I would have saved that time for other pursuits. But, you did not say this at the time, as far as I remember. My memory is that you were mostly silent.

Similarly, it was clear to me from lurking on the list last year that Nicolas was going to revive the project. I believe it was also clear to the others who participated in the conversation on list, but I don't want to speak for them. You either did not read that discussion or you did read it and chose not to participate. Work on the manual project wasn't a secret.

From my point of view, your involvement has come at the 11th hour,
well after much effort has been expended on what several of our colleagues believe is a contribution to Org mode. I'm pleased that you are willing to give the project a try, but I want to insist that you take some responsibility for where we are in this discussion. I cannot accept that the maintainer scolds me and others who worked on the project that "we could have done it another way." This is exactly the responsibility I want to insist the maintainer accept.

We look to the maintainer for guidance. Please give it to us in a timely manner.

All the best,

Thomas S. Dye

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