Hi Thomas,

"Thomas S. Dye" <t...@tsdye.com> writes:

> Instead, let's move the project forward with the understanding that
> if it proves to be a bad idea, then the Org mode community will have
> Nicolas' very nice .texi file (with backports by Kyle Meyer) to fall
> back on.

Maybe we are miscommunicating, because that's exactly what I suggest!

I just want to make sure we have *at least* one year to prove this to
be a good idea.  I will probably not be the maintainer by then, so the
decision will be in the hands of the maintainer and the community.

> On the issue of your work on Org mode, I'm hoping your circumstances
> will allow you to be more involved, not less.

I hope having a new maintainer would help me to be more in control of
what I can focus on.  And it's not as if would leave the list :)

All best,


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