Bastien Guerry writes:
>> Exactly. Emacs will anyways ship with org.texi. So moving the manual
>> source to Org in the Org repo shouldn't concern the Emacs repo.
> Yes, but it is still a concern for Emacs contributors like Glenn and
> others who occasionnally make corrections in Emacs' org.texi.  I'm
> fine if we can backport these corrections by hand for the time being.

We'll have to deal with them just like we deal with all other
backporting from Emacs.  It's no secret that Emacs like to do things in
a slightly different way and that had to be accepted when Org was moved
into Emacs, but development kept going seperately from it.

I haven't looked at how often changes to Org's manual actually originate
on the Emacs side in one development cycle of Emacs (which is generally
a year or more, but it can't be that much.

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