Hi everyone,

Not sure if this has always been an issue but with a pretty recent org git
and emacs-git, I'm running into a usability issue with org-activiate-links.

This is a paragraph with  [[https://google.com][a link]]
steps to reproduce:

put cursor at beginning of file and type ~[[~.  The paragraph text will
collapse into the link definition, and (point) will move to the ~a~ in ~a
link~, so manual typing of a new link will fail.  Is there anything I can
do to stop this from happening?

>From what i can tell, ~org-activate-links~ was last modified in
1fd07c1eeb0f29de9ce058fac995031413201d4d in late August, but I'm not sure
if that's when this behaviour was introduced, or if it has been around for
a while and I'm only noticing it now. I know many people don't type links
manually, but I do so almost exclusively, so this can be frustrating when
I'm editing existing text.

Thanks as always!

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