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> Ah, interesting. That makes a lot of sense.  Would it be unworkably
> destructive for me to revert the link syntax locally ? I have no particular
> need  for the new functionality and the current situation has been a
> significant cognitive burden, not least because I make so many typos that I
> am constantly re-editing existing text.

There is no new functionality. The new link syntax is an important step
forward because it solves recurring issues that has plagued links for
years, e.g., when using hex-encoded URL. I don't think reverting it,
assuming it is manageable in the long run, is a good solution.

IMO, it would be more productive to think about what can be done in your
situation instead. For example, one solution could be to require "[[" to
be escaped in a link (current syntax already requires closing brackets
to be escaped in some situations). I'm not yet sure how to deal with it,


Nicolas Goaziou

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