Matt Price <mopto...@gmail.com> writes:

> MWE:
> test.org:
> --
> This is a paragraph with  [[https://google.com][a link]]
> ---
> steps to reproduce:
> put cursor at beginning of file and type ~[[~.  The paragraph text will
> collapse into the link definition, and (point) will move to the ~a~ in ~a
> link~, so manual typing of a new link will fail.  Is there anything I can
> do to stop this from happening?

IIUC, this is related to the link syntax change introduced in Org 9.3,
which allows, among other things, "[[" within a link. In this situation,
once you write

  [[This is a paragraph with  [[https://google.com][a link]]

the underlined part becomes the link.

I agree this is not optimal. Yet, I'm not sure about how to deal with


Nicolas Goaziou

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