On 2020-09-23 at 01:09 -07, Bastien <b...@gnu.org> wrote...
> I disagree that a parser is too difficult to maintain because Org is a
> moving target. Org core syntax is not moving anymore, a parser can
> reasonably target it. That's what is done with the Ruby parser, in use
> in this small project called github.com :)

Do you think it would be useful (or possible) to represent the current Org 
syntax in EBNF form so that people can use the EBNF to build parsers or 
graphically understand the form? I'm thinking of a nice page of railroad 
diagrams from this tool: https://github.com/GuntherRademacher/rr

I question if this is possible because EBNF is for context-free grammars, but I 
*think* Org syntax is context-free. Even if not, I think those railroad 
diagrams might be useful for parser-writers and can still describe 99 % of the 
syntax, even if a few extra sentences are needed to clarify some edge case.


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