On 23/09/2020 10:09, Bastien wrote:
> I disagree that a parser is too difficult to maintain because Org is 
> a moving target.  Org core syntax is not moving anymore, a parser can
> reasonably target it.  That's what is done with the Ruby parser, in
> use in this small project called github.com :)

(Just an aside: which Ruby org-mode parser does Github use? I sometime
find instances where Github does not render an org-mode file correclty
and I would be happy to file bugs to have them corrected).

> So I'd say:
> - let's enhance Worg's documentation
> - yes, please go for enhancing parsing tools
> I don't think we need official tools.  The official Org parser exists,
> it is Org itself.

Would it make sense to have one "official" (or a set of) org-mode test
files and the corresponding syntax tree as parsed by org-elements (maybe
in a format easier to read from other programming languages than
s-expressions, json maybe?) to make testing other parser against the
reference implementation easier?

Maybe the org-mode test suite already has something like this. I haven't
looked for it yet.


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