On 2020-10-26 at 10:59 -07, Tom Gillespie <tgb...@gmail.com> wrote...
> You can identify headlines, but you can't identify nesting level;

Do you need to? This is valid as an entire Org file, I think:

*** foo
* bar
***** baz

And that can be represented in EBNF. I'm not aware of places where behavior is 
indent-level specific, except inline tasks, and that edge case can be 

> There is a similar issue with the indentation level in
> order to correctly interpret plain lists.

list ::= ('+' string newline)+ sublist?
sublist ::= (indent list)+

I think this captures lists?

> Another example of something that requires a stack is the greater
> blocks, where you have #+begin_{name} and #+end_{name}, and the names
> must match.

Definitely not able to be represented in EBNF, unless as you say {name} is a 
limited vocabulary.


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