On 23/10/2022 22:27, Ypo wrote:

I have cloned the "repository" hoping it works like in github, but I see no option to edit.

SourceHut does not have an online editor, it is necessary to clone the repository to local disk.

Alternatively, since Worg rules are not so strict as for Org source code repository, you can download the .org file either from git.sr.ht or https://orgmode.org/worg/org-faq.org copy to org-faq.orig.org, edit, create diff

LANG=C.UTF-8 diff -u org-faq.orig.org org-faq.org

For details see info "(diffutils) Tips for Patch Producers"

For maintainers it is more convenient to work with result of "git format-patch" having properly formatted commit message.

My suggestion is to add only projects that you use and can recommend for others. It would be nice to have brief description that allows people to decide if they should try such application. I do not see any point in attempt to collect comprehensive list of ever seen software. PageRank algorithm buried manually filled web catalogues. There is no reason to participate in such desperate competition.

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