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> Thanks!
> Note that I did not implement my suggestion because I am concerned if
> putting CRLF is safe as every single line ending.
> I am looking at
> https://icalendar.org/iCalendar-RFC-5545/3-6-2-to-do-component.html, and
> I note that only BEGIN:VTODO and END:VTODO lines must actually have
> CRLF. For example,
> https://icalendar.org/iCalendar-RFC-5545/3-3-11-text.html has no
> mentions of CRLF, but does talk about escaping staff.

My reading of [1] is that all lines must end with CRLF:

> The iCalendar object is organized into individual lines of text,
> called content lines. Content lines are delimited by a line break,
> which is a CRLF sequence

And in particular, for the component properties after BEGIN:VTODO, [1]
gives the general notation as:

> contentline   = name *(";" param ) ":" value CRLF

For example, the DTSTART notation [2] is:

>  dtstart    = "DTSTART" dtstparam ":" dtstval CRLF

And the same is true for all the other properties.

[1] https://icalendar.org/iCalendar-RFC-5545/3-1-content-lines.html
[2] https://icalendar.org/iCalendar-RFC-5545/3-8-2-4-date-time-start.html

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