Jack Kamm <jackk...@gmail.com> writes:

>> We likely want (according to 34.10.1 Basic Concepts of Coding Systems):
> I attach a new patch, which takes the approach of converting to
> utf-8-dos in `org-icalendar-after-save-hook', instead of converting
> newlines in `org-icalendar-fold-string'.
> I think this way is simpler, and should be more robust across locales.
> Note, this means the string returned by `org-export-as' won't contain
> CRLF. Instead, the newlines are converted during post-process.

Looks reasonable, but I have one comment on the code.

> +(add-hook 'org-icalendar-after-save-hook #'org-icalendar--convert-eol -90)

We should not use user-defined hooks for things that must be executed.
Imagine that a user customizes the hook after loading ox-icalendar and
removes the call to `org-icalendar--convert-eol'?

Instead, we should better explicitly call the necessary functions.
I was told this by Emacs devs.

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