Ihor Radchenko <yanta...@posteo.net> writes:

> Another scenario we may need to consider is when schedule has a repeater
> while deadline does not, and vice versa. The former scenario is probably
> valid - a VTODO with limited number of occurrences.

That is an interesting idea; and we can use the UNTIL or COUNT keywords
in RRULE to implement it.

However, it doesn't seem completely faithful to the way the TODO ends up
in the Org Agenda (or does Org have some option to use DEADLINE to bound
a repeating SCHEDULED in this way?)

I think the most faithful way to represent different SCHEDULED and
DEADLINE repeaters is to export 2 separate VTODOs, each with different
RRULE. Then the exported iCalendar will look just like the Org
Agenda. It is also in line with how ox-icalendar exports multiple
timestamps to separate VEVENTs.

That said, I am not really happy with this solution either. The fact
that ox-icalendar can create multiple VEVENT per entry already creates
headaches for any setup doing bidirectional sync between Org and
iCalendar, such as with org-caldav, ical2org.awk, or ical2orgpy. And I
am hesitant to make this problem worse, by making it happen for VTODO as

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