Jack Kamm <jackk...@gmail.com> writes:

>> I am looking at
>> https://icalendar.org/iCalendar-RFC-5545/3-6-2-to-do-component.html, and
>> I note that only BEGIN:VTODO and END:VTODO lines must actually have
>> CRLF. For example,
>> https://icalendar.org/iCalendar-RFC-5545/3-3-11-text.html has no
>> mentions of CRLF, but does talk about escaping staff.
> My reading of [1] is that all lines must end with CRLF:

Good to hear that we do not need to worry about the need to mix CRLF and

I now only have one minor concern about `org-icalendar-fold-string' when
the original buffer contains DOS line endings. May they mess things up
producing \r\r\n? If not, feel free to install the patch.

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