On 21/06/2023 23:38, Ihor Radchenko wrote:
Max Nikulin writes:

Besides the HTML related question how to mate all SVG options with all
Org features (figures, etc.) there is a purely Org design choice:
whether there should be multiple Org boolean variables and attributes
describing strategy for particular image or it is single variable and
attribute with symbol (or string) value.

If we talk about image attributes defined in the affiliated keywords, we
should better resort to #+ATTR_HTML. Introducing extra affiliated
keyword would be a breaking change.

I am sorry that I was not clear enough. It may be 3 boolean attributes that may be specified in #+ATTR_HTML: or single one that may take 3 values for <img>/<object>/<svg>.

The only issue with #+ATTR_HTML: is that it is applied to all images inside a paragraph. So it can not control individual inline images.

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