Max Nikulin <> writes:

>> I think you missed `org-html-inline-image-rules' where users can
>> include/exclude svg images from inlining.
> Ihor, I am not sure that I get your point. If I understand it correctly, 
> `org-html-inline-image-rules' specifies whether links to svg files 
> should be kept as links or should be transformed to images. Gerard 
> proposes to add options how to treat SVG *images*: <img>, <object> or 
> include content of the SVG file literally. `org-html-inline-image-rules' 
> does not allow to specify extended options how to treat each match.

That's why Timothy should review this patch.
I am missing all these subtle details about HTML due to lack of knowledge.

> I am not against <object> option, my concern is to avoid extremely heavy 
> page by e.g. rendering a lot of math as svg files. I am not even sure 
> that the issue is real, however I suspect it might happen. Adding a 
> warning to docs would be enough.

We can add a warning iff we conclude that the issue is real.

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