To clarify a previous typo I made.  Everything I've written was also done using:

1. emacs -q
2. C-x b "*scratch*"
3. M-x org-mode
4. Execute 

#+begin_src emacs-lisp :results none
   '((shell . t)))

This corresponds to Org mode version 9.6.6 (release_9.6.6 @ 

I had previously, and incorrectly, given my version used with my full init 
(which uses a different Org version).

 ---- On Sat, 18 Nov 2023 09:19:13 +0100  Bruno Barbier 
 > It seems your SSH failed to connect.  In that case, I cannot swallow the
 > second command; thus the command "echo bar" is executed.
 > I can reproduce what you see on my side if I force the connection to fail:
 >     #+begin_src bash :results output
 >       ssh WRONG_REMOTE "echo foo>foo_file"
 >       echo "bar"
 >     #+end_src
 >     #+RESULTS:
 >     : bar
Thank you!  That makes sense.   I forgot that without set -e Bash keeps 
evaluating when errors happen.

Yes, once it connects, I get the same behavior as reported.

Here is how I connected without a password prompt:

1. ssh-keygen with id_babel, <enter>, <enter>
2. cat ~/.ssh/ >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
3. chmod og-wx ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
4. ssh-add .ssh/id_babel

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