Matt <> writes:

> Evaluating the following 
> #+name: /tmp/
> #+begin_src bash :results output
> ssh localhost "echo foo>foo_file"
> echo "bar" | tee /tmp/bar.txt
> #+end_src
> does exactly what
>     cat /tmp/ | bash -c bash
> does.  Both create a file "foo_file" containing "foo" on the remote machine 
> and neither execute the second line.
> So, I would say that what happens in Org is the "expected" behavior.

Yup, it is expected. But only in a sense that "Emacs does what we asked
for when calling `process-file'". From the user point of view, it is not
expected at all. And, what is worse, may depend on (1) shell used; (2)
ssh config (see StdinNull in man 5 ssh_config).

I believe that we do need to change how we execute shell blocks _by
default_ - to something more predictable, like creating and running a
temporary script file.

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