---- On Sat, 18 Nov 2023 09:29:56 +0100  Bruno Barbier 

 > IIUC, what Max is saying is that you should not concentrate on
 > *that specific command* because that command doesn't do what you think
 > it does.

Cool, it sounds like we're agreed (albeit for different reasons).  

 > To reproduce, I'm personally still using:
 >     cat /tmp/test.sh | bash
 > which is, IIUC, what:
 >     (process-file "bash" "/tmp/test.sh")

Yes, agreed.  I think that's more like what's happening.  

What about the ("-c" "bash") passed into process-file?  

The whole call looks like this:

       '(t "/tmp/babel-mS0Yyg/ob-error-AoxNqH")
       "-c" "bash")

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