---- On Sat, 18 Nov 2023 04:11:03 +0100  Max Nikulin  wrote --- 

 > >      bash -c bash /tmp/two-lines.sh
 >  From my point of view it was a plain mistake in attempts to simulate 
 > the issue outside of Emacs. There is no point to concentrate on this 
 > command. I tried to explain that it is incorrect usage of "-c" shell 
 > option and what is the actual effect of this call, but I seems I failed.

As an ob-shell user, my expectation is that execution within Org produces the 
same behavior as outside of Emacs.  This is why I've focused on the command.  
It acts as a guide for what is "correct."  Maybe this is misguided for a reason 
I don't yet see?

I concluded that the command is not "what Emacs does" and therefore isn't a 
valid source of "truth".  I agree it's not worth concentrating on it further.

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