Ihor Radchenko <yanta...@posteo.net> writes:

>> I agree that `python-shell-buffer-name' should be set according to the
>> :session header, and that Liu's patch fixes a problem in ob-python.
>> Is there any objection if I go ahead and apply it?
> Because I am still thinking about the idea with global customization and
> `org-babel-<lang>-associate-session'.

It's great that you're thinking about this -- it would be nice to have
better consistency between ob-R, ob-python, etc, and to have better
configurability on this. In particular, ob-R's behavior to automatically
start a session is annoying for me, especially when editing on my HPC's
login node which forbids starting R, python, etc outside of slurm.

However, the most recent version of Liu's patch is very small, and the
changes should be easy to modify in future, whatever your conclusion on
`org-babel-<lang>-associate-session'. So I would suggest not to let it
be blocked by this for too long.

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