Ihor Radchenko <yanta...@posteo.net> writes:

> Note that I proposed to remove auto-starting session completely, which
> is in odds to what you propose below.

Sure, I'm fine with that -- it seems like a reasonable change.

> IMHO, it might be enough to adjust org-babel-R-associate-session as the
> following
> (defun org-babel-R-associate-session (session)
>   "Associate R code buffer with an R session.
> Make SESSION be the inferior ESS process associated with the
> current code buffer."
>   (setq ess-local-process-name
>       (process-name (get-buffer-process session)))
>   (when ess-local-process-name (ess-make-buffer-current))
>   (setq-local ess-gen-proc-buffer-name-function (lambda (_) session)))

I think you need to check that (get-buffer-process session) is non-nil
before calling process-name, otherwise you'll get (wrong-type-argument
processp nil).

Also it seems unnecessary to call `ess-make-buffer-current', as it's
already called by `ess-force-buffer-current' (which is called by
`ess-eval-region'). Though it doesn't hurt to call it, either.

Otherwise, this looks good to me.

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