"Sparapani, Rodney" <rspar...@mcw.edu> writes:

> Hi Ihor:
> Do you have a patch?  I’m not an org-mode user so I can’t test this myself.
> Thanks

Well. I am not exactly ESS user, so I wanted to get a general feedback
first before trying anything blindly.

I think I can demonstrate the problem we are facing without forcing you
to use Org mode though:

1. create and open test.R file containing
   x = "foo"
2. M-: (setq-local ess-gen-proc-buffer-name-function (lambda (_) "session1"))
3. M-x ess-eval-line
4. Observe "session1" R comint buffer displayed
5. create and open test2.R file containing
   y = "bar"
6. M-: (setq-local ess-gen-proc-buffer-name-function (lambda (_) "session2"))
7. M-x ess-eval-line
8. Observe that the line still goes to "session2"

As a non-user, I am not sure if the above is a bug or just some kind of
missing feature. However, for comparison, python.el allows setting
`python-shell-buffer-name' and doing steps similar to the above will
yield two independent python shells to interact with.

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