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> I see.  But, I assume that you meant…
> 8. Observe that the line still goes to "session1"


> I usually launch another emacs for “session2”.
> There’s probably a way to do this manually,
> but, I take your point.  However, if you are a
> non-user, then why do you care?

Org mode supports multiple ESS sessions in Org mode src blocks

However, we currently have to use a workaround that does not always work
well to assign separate sessions to R source blocks in Org mode.
ESS is the only comint mode that requires such workaround and does not
allow setting a specific process buffer name for a given R buffer.

We recently discovered `ess-gen-proc-buffer-name-function', but it does
not work as we expected, unfortunately. (which is either because we
misunderstand something or because there is a bug).

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