Martin Maechler <> writes:

>     > Thank you!  May I know which version of ESS will have this
>     > commit?
> The Melpa version that was just released, does.

Noted. I did not know that ESS is distributed via MELPA.
I am wondering why not ELPA/non-GNU ELPA - ELPA is built-in and users
can simply M-x package-install packages from ELPA repositories.

> As you probably know more than me about emacs package
> maintenance and release cycles: 
> Do you think we should also try to get a  Melpa-stable release?

That's up to you to decide if ESS is in stable state or not.
You may find
useful to see how Org mode handles releases.

> Is the wording we have about MELPA in
> satisfactory?

Looks fine.

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