"Christopher M. Miles" <numbch...@gmail.com> writes:

>> (or (org-babel-comint-buffer-livep session)
>>     (eq org-src-auto-initiate-session t)
>>     (alist-get (nth 0 info) org-src-auto-initiate-session)
>>     (alist-get 'default org-src-auto-initiate-session))
>> With `org-src-auto-initiate-session' being a customization that controls
>> whether to associate session for a given babel backend.
>> We may set the default value to something like
>> ((default . t) ("R" . nil))
> I think this customization is reasonable.

Note that we are trying an alternative route with asking upstream ESS
devs to provide a way to associate session without starting it.

>  ... Agree to make it as a
> customization option, The ob-clojure CIDER session which managed by
> "sesman" seems also requires buffer associate with session.

AFAIK, ob-clojure does not support sessions inside Org Src buffers -
there is no `org-babel-associate-clojure-session' or

I am not sure if it is possible to interact with all the supported
Clojure REPLs from inside Org Src blocks.

CCing Daniel - the ob-clojure maintainer.

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