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> This last remark below can’t possibly be true.  Because I did not intend to 
> trigger
> a release, ESS 24.01.0 was not initially tagged.  However, after I received 
> that email
> from ELPA, it was a fait accompli.  So I fixed some cosmetic issues and 
> tagged it post-haste,
> i.e., ELPA’s announcement is definitely pre-tagging.  So I’m not sure
> where the disconnect is.

Hmm. You are right. The exact rule is following package Version:


    *** Release and devel archives
    elpa.gnu.org serves the gnu and nongnu package collections (roughly,
    gnu requires FSF copyright assign, nongnu doesn't, but these terms are
    not fully defined here).
    In addition, elpa.gnu.org serves release and devel versions of each
    package. The release version is defined by a change in the =Version:=
    header of a package; the devel version is the latest commit.

So, you likely changed Version: in lisp/ess.el first and only then added
git tag.

(I always do this in one go, which is why I never noticed this detail)

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