Jack Kamm <jackk...@gmail.com> writes:

>> ---
>>  etc/ORG-NEWS     | 11 +++++++++++
>>  lisp/ob-R.el     | 20 ++++++--------------
>>  lisp/ob-julia.el | 16 +++++++++-------
>>  3 files changed, 26 insertions(+), 21 deletions(-)
> Not sure if you are doing this in a separate commit, but you also need
> to make the change to org-src.el to remove
> (org-babel-comint-buffer-livep session)

My oversight. Thanks for the heads up.

> It's annoying there's no way to tell ESS to start new session instead of
> evaluating in existing one. Here are a few alternatives we could
> consider to deal with this:
> 1. Change the worg/ORG-NEWS, to suggest users make sure the session
> exists (either by evaluating a source block or call "M-x R" in edit
> block) before running ess-eval-line.
> 2. Add ob-R and ob-julia customization options (as previously suggested)
> to explicitly control the startup behavior (either to auto-start, or not).
> 3. Submit PR to ESS to add a variable we could let-bind, to force it to
> start an associated session rather than evaluate in an existing
> non-associated sessions.
> Currently I lean towards a combination of #1 and #3, but am not sure,
> and happy to go with whatever you think is best.

We can also advice `ess-request-a-process' as a temporary workaround.

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