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Attached you'll find a new patch addressing all you issues.

I tried to run make test, and I am getting
   FAILED  test-ob/demarcate-block  ((should (string= region-text
(org-trim (nth 1 info)))) :form (string= "mark this line as region"
"") :value nil :explanation (arrays-of-different-length 24 0 "mark
this line as region" "" first-mismatch-at 0))

I have improved a regexp used to mark a region in this sub-test
improving the robustness of the code.
Furthermore, I have replaced all occurrences of (set-mark (point))
with (set-mark-command nil), but I doubt that this is the reason.

Nevertheless, I feel I need to point out the limitation of this particular
test case.

The text after (mark) and (point) is misaligned.
I tend to mark regions in a way that is compatible with the patch,
but some users won't (maybe they are willing to adapt).

Patch attached.

I found a way to preserve the (current-column) of text after point and
mark in the element API code so that point or region splitting behaves
like main where the (current-column)'s remain preserved naturally.

I think this is preferable with respect to the previous patch (at least
it does not break the expectations of current users).

It allowed a minor simplification of the sub-test that failed in your case.

New patch attached.

Regards -- Gerard

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