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gerard.vermeu...@posteo.net writes:

I think that I have improved my region marking code by using "<point>"
in the temp-text as a start. Then, I only have to find where to set
and eventually exchange point and mark.

Still failing on my side (when running tests non-interactively from
command line). To fix the problem, please use the approach from

            (transient-mark-mode 1)
            (push-mark (point) t t)

Instead of (set-mark-command nil)

Gerard, may I know if you had a chance to look into my comments?

I think that I have addressed this particular comment.

However, I am confused by your comments concerning this example
#+begin_src emacs-lisp
  <mark>'(1 2 3)
  '(1 2 <point>3)
since it breaks my patch as well as main in the sense that such examples
can generate three blocks with invalid code.
I think there is in general no way to protect a user against bad selections
for splitting by demarcation.

Secondly, I see (saw) sometimes Org emitting warnings with backtraces
starting from my patch. I think the warning may be due either to a mistake
on my side or a bug in Org, but I am not sure.

Regards -- Gerard

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