>>> May you please provide more details?
> This is different of what I saw before:
> When splitting python blocks in an org file I got a long list of 
> warnings:
> Warning (org-element): ‘org-element-at-point’ cannot be used in non-Org 
> buffer #<buffer *Org Src[ python ]*> (python-mode)
> until it stopped by itself.
> I traced this to user-errors in my own `org-babel-edit-prep:python' 
> which I
> use to let eglot handle python source blocks.
> I rewrote my `org-babel-edit-prep:python' to get rid of user-errors but
> then I bumped on the user-error coming from 
> `org-src--make-source-overlay'.

This is strange. `org-src--make-source-overlay' does not use
`org-element' API. I cannot see how you are getting such warnings from there.

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