On 21.02.2024 10:40, Ihor Radchenko wrote:
gerard.vermeu...@posteo.net writes:

Still failing on my side (when running tests non-interactively from
command line). To fix the problem, please use the approach from

            (transient-mark-mode 1)
            (push-mark (point) t t)

Instead of (set-mark-command nil)

Gerard, may I know if you had a chance to look into my comments?

I think that I have addressed this particular comment.

Not really.
In any case, see the attached updated patch with my suggestion

Indeed, I did not address it. I also tried out your suggestion out this morning
and saw that it makes "make test" pass.


Secondly, I see (saw) sometimes Org emitting warnings with backtraces
starting from my patch.  I think the warning may be due either to a
on my side or a bug in Org, but I am not sure.

May you please provide more details?

I fail to reproduce the warnings, but I think that I have seen (rx ... )
type warnings in the  Emacs warnings buffer with the patched
org-babel-demarcate-block as backtrace entry point.  I did not capture
those at the time, because I thought I could trigger those warnings easily
which is not the case.  This is Emacs-30.0.50.
I am sorry I cannot give more details.

How to proceed? Of course, I agree with your version of the patch
although I had started to remove some of the superfluous scaffolding
to know where point and mark are.

Regards -- Gerard

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