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I rewrote my `org-babel-edit-prep:python' to get rid of user-errors but
then I bumped on the user-error coming from

This is strange. `org-src--make-source-overlay' does not use
`org-element' API. I cannot see how you are getting such warnings from there.

I am using since a few days a clone of the mailed `org-babel-edit-prep:python' function (an irrelevant fix for setting point) and it works without glitches.

I have no explanation of what happened.

I added the caveat:
This patch is incompatible with `org-babel-edit-prep:<LANG>' functions
that signal `user-error's.
to the commit message and cleaned it up a bit.

I also removed the scaffolding from the tests that checks where mark and point are.
The tests pass with make test.

Patch attached.

Regards -- Gerard

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