At Fri, 17 May 2013 09:38:29 +0200,
Rainer M. Krug wrote:
> Nice and very useful. Can this be included in /contrib?

That is my intention, I have the FSF paper signed for Emacs and Org.

So what I'm looking for some minimum amount of eyes on the code, and
advice as to minimum set of things I need to adjust before committing it?

My list is.

1. Convert defvar to defcustom

2. Is (require 'dired) fine? It uses macro `dired-mark-if' defined in

3. The prefix C-c M-s seems awkward but Org is so big everything else
   is taken, and C-c C-x s is too close to C-c C-x C-s, which is
   archive subtree (I initially had it there and moved after archiving
   subtree by mistake)

Its its fine to go in as is, then its fine too, I'm pretty lazy :-)


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