Hi Max,

Max Mikhanosha <m...@openchat.com> writes:

> My list is.
> 1. Convert defvar to defcustom
> 2. Is (require 'dired) fine? It uses macro `dired-mark-if' defined in
>    dired.el

Seems fine to me.

> 3. The prefix C-c M-s seems awkward but Org is so big everything else
>    is taken, and C-c C-x s is too close to C-c C-x C-s, which is
>    archive subtree (I initially had it there and moved after archiving
>    subtree by mistake)

I'd favor reserving C-c C-x for core packages, and use anything else
for contrib/ packages.

> Its its fine to go in as is, then its fine too, I'm pretty lazy :-)

Whatever sounds more practical to you!  You can include it now,
have more eyes watching (after) your code, then feel the pressure
to overcome the laziness in implementing the above :) 


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