At Fri, 17 May 2013 13:20:16 -0400,
Brett Viren wrote:
> Hi Max, 
> Max Mikhanosha <> writes:
> > I have committed org-screenshot to master
> This sounds like a great idea.  And just to prove that no good deed goes
> unpunished, here is a bug report:
> In an org-mode file I run "M-x org-screenshot-take", scrot runs and I
> can either click on a window or draw a selection box.  
> However, lifting the mouse button leads to:
>   error in process sentinel: Symbol's value as variable is void: return [2 
> times]

Just committed a potential fix, can you see if it works? Commit

If it does not work, I'll need you to give me a backtrace, instructions on how
to are around 1 page down
under "How to create a useful backtrace"


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