I'm struggling a bit with caption placement in LaTeX export.

In the document I'm working on now, I have:

- Image links, exported as floating figures (by inclusion of a
  caption). ox-latex places the caption at the end of the figure
  environment, so the caption appears below the image.

#+name: fig1
#+caption: blah blah
#+attr_latex: :width 0.75\textwidth

\caption{\label{fig1}blah blah}

- A figure block containing some figures. The entire block should be
  captioned. ox-latex places a caption first in the figure environment,
  so the caption is on top.

#+name: product1
#+caption: blah blah
\end{subfigure} \hfill \begin{subfigure}[b]{0.4\textwidth}

\caption{\label{product1}blah blah}
\begin{subfigure}...... (omitted)

I don't like the typographical inconsistency. It would be much better,
I think, if I could specify in one place that I want *all* captions
below or above the entity being captioned.

It seems somebody recognized a while ago that this was a problem, and
introduced org-latex-table-caption-above. But this applies only to
tables, not to "figure" special blocks, nor to source code blocks, and
probably some other cases that I can't think of. Well,  I can customize
org-latex-listings-options to include ("captionpos" "b"), but I think
this is not quite ideal because:

a/ image captions always go at the bottom;
b/ table captions can be configured;
c/ listings captions can be configured in a different variable;
d/ many types of captions always go at the top, conflicting with a/.

Is there a plan to deal with this, other than my hacking ox-latex


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