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> It seems somebody recognized a while ago that this was a problem, and
> introduced org-latex-table-caption-above. But this applies only to
> tables, not to "figure" special blocks, nor to source code blocks, and
> probably some other cases that I can't think of. Well,  I can customize
> org-latex-listings-options to include ("captionpos" "b"), but I think
> this is not quite ideal because:
> a/ image captions always go at the bottom;
> b/ table captions can be configured;
> c/ listings captions can be configured in a different variable;
> d/ many types of captions always go at the top, conflicting with a/.
> Is there a plan to deal with this, other than my hacking ox-latex
> locally?

You mean moving `org-latex-table-caption-above' to
`org-latex-caption-above' and making sure every block complies to the


Nicolas Goaziou

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