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> Would it make sense to be able to link to a footnote label? Rationale:
> 1. If a footnote definition is already meaningfully labeled, a dedicated
> target is redundant.
> 2. Since you can link to named tables, source blocks etc., users might
> expect to be able to do the same with labeled footnote definitions.
> So given a link like [[labeledfootnote]], could Org-mode look for a
> footnote definition with that label -- e.g. after looking for a
> dedicated target or a #+name'd element, and before doing a text search?
> Or is there a reason why it shouldn't?

First and foremost, mixing links and footnotes would be a maintenance
burden. The link-target association does just that, and I think it is

Also, Org can renumber automatically footnotes, so it should also check
every link in the buffer to possibly update it.

I think it's a false good idea.


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