On Tuesday, 28 Jul 2015 at 11:00, Oleh Krehel wrote:
> Eric S Fraga <e.fr...@ucl.ac.uk> writes:
>> Anyway, I think we've beaten this to death already.  Time to get real
>> work done! :-)
> That is my usual approach: label everything I write with GPL and not
> think about it:)
> It's just that most posts about GPL cast it in a bad light: I think it's
> the best license, and I don't want people who casually read this list to
> think that GPL has no supporters or that we are somehow "stuck" with it,
> or it is imposed on us.
> Even if I was not *required* to use this license, I would *choose* to
> use it, because I like the idea.
> --Oleh

Well said.  I'm with you on this completely!

Having said this, some of what I write cannot be GPLed due to
restrictions imposed on me by my employer but at least all research
publications we generate now have to be open access so we're moving in
the right direction.

And speaking of research publications, time to get back to the one I'm
working on now, using org of course ;-) including ox-latex, ob-octave,
ob-shell, and ob-gnuplot!

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