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>> And what if I explicitly want people to be able to use my code in
>> a proprietary software?  Or if I just want to use the "Unlicense"?  Or
>> if I don't want to use GPL on principle?  (And if I still consider Emacs
> You are perfectly able to do all of the above with *your* code.  What
> you cannot do is "unlicense" my code which I may have released under
> GPL.  This is the crux.  I, and others, have not released our codes to
> be used however *you* see fit.  We have released them under GPL which
> was our decision.

Nope.  As stated by someone here (Oleh, I guess), if I (require 'org),
or possibly even just write Elisp, and want to distribute it, it has to
be GPL.

> If your code is not based on mine (or any other code released under
> GPL), then by all means do what you want with it and give whatever
> rights away you wish.  If, however, it is based on GPL, you cannot do
> so.

Also, see my other post to see what I mean by "being based" in this
context.  It boils down to the question "how much of other code (even
rather generic parts) can I take and still consider this *my* code)".
And this is still not clear.

> If you write a new exporter based purely on the documented API for use
> with org, you can distribute that perfectly fine with whatever licence
> you wish, AFAIK.  If you take an existing exporter and modify it for
> your target, then you cannot do other than release with GPL.  Likewise
> for your tutorial: if it refers to org documentation (e.g. link to Worg
> or (info)), that is fine; if it includes org documentation, you are back
> to having to release using GPL.
> (I'm not a lawyer -- the above is based on my understanding of the
> intent of those of us using GPL as part of org.)

I'm glad to hear that we (more or less) agree.  I'm less glad that quite
probably we are mistaken.

> I'm off to make dinner now... :-)
> cheers,
> eric


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