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> Marcin Borkowski <mb...@mbork.pl> writes:
>> And what if I explicitly want people to be able to use my code in
>> a proprietary software?
> Then you're out of luck. Just like thousands (millions) of programmers
> are out of luck when they want to examine the code of a closed source
> proprietary software.

Good point.  I like the conciseness of your one-sentence summary of the

> If I asked someone for Microsoft Word source code, because I want to
> understand why my macro doesn't work, they would laugh in my face.  And
> then bring up that situation as a joke for years. A credit to FSF
> people: no one is laughing at you. Myself included, I tried to explain
> the benefits of GPL, but if you don't want to listen that's fine.

I'm glad that nobody is laughing at me, though I don't like being
accused of being impolite/rude/inflammatory - even if justly - and
I even more dislike being accused of being irrespectful (and I consider
this accusation to be unjust - after all, I came here to ask, and I plan
to follow the rules, no matter how ridiculous they are).  Also, I do
listen to you - I just want to point out that, while GPL clearly has
benefits (and I do not deny that!), it also has drawbacks, and that
people are entitled not to like it.

On a tangentially related note, as I pointed out in another post, you
might want to make the license note on your blog compliant;-).

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