I've ask to rtNet mailing list too ... but no response yet.

So I ask to dev. ... RtNet is develop for rtai or xenomai, but somehow try
to use on rt-preempt kernel .. not now if with success or not.

If is not possible use RtNet on rt.preempt thesere are some other option
for realtime ethernet for linux ? (I know and test ethercat, and powerlink
... actually I study cc-link IE because big-packet capable, I plan to try
to use cc-link ie on linux pc).
These because actually in some plc brand is possible to install custom made
c11/c14 library and in these manner Use realtime-ethernet is a fast way to
rt-data-exchange from Lcnc and PLC.

Actually use rtu-modbus and tcp modbus and ethernet tcp or ethernet ip...
but is not real time ...

Thanks for all suggest.
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