Thank you so much, Mr Heskett. I  will build the system myself. It 
should be a good learning process for me.
I browsed your website. It's amazing. America is GREAT!  :)

On 08/11/2018 06:24 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Saturday 11 August 2018 04:49:02 steve A wrote:
>> Hello, every one,
>>    I want to run LinuxCNC without GUIs on a small board, like Raspberry
>> Pi 3B or BeagleBone Black, with a GUI on another device via network.
>> So, I don't need many required packages determined by
>> "dpkg-checkbuilddeps" which occupied large storage space. Is there a
>> tutorial to do that?
> So use a bigger sd card on the pi 3b. Size of the installed system is
> then not a problem. With a 32 or 64G card, wearout is years down the
> road.
> WRT the remote gui, the lags in the video are horrible, about 1 frame a
> second. The pi can manage about 7 or 8 frames a second on its own and
> I've gotten quite used to it. And according to the monitoring tools, the
> pi is loafing while doing it. The internalusb-2 pinhole for data is the
> lag problem. Fortunately, the spi interface is direct, so the spi to the
> controller card can be written at 42  megabaud, and read at 25. rpspi.ko
> handles all that flawlessly here. I'm running a 70 yo Sheldon 11x36 with
> it. Quite well in fact.
>> By the way, I want to use Preempt-RT. Can anyone give me some advises?
> Subscribe to the linux-rt list at and wait for the next
> announcement of a working version, download the src's, edit the config
> to get rid of the stuff you don't need and make pkg-target, where target
> is an installable deb or whatever.  Its beta so expect breakage.
> Or, if you have a heck of a big mailbox, I can send you a dd installable
> image from my card as of about 6 weeks ago. Or  maybe I could put it on
> my web page where you could grab it. All that would take is a softlink
> to where its at now in /usr/src. But its not compressed, 30,255
> megabytes. Tested by writing it to a 64G card, works fine. But it will
> take a while to download as my upload speed is only about 2 megs/second.
> Cable modem for poor folks. No clue if xz could handle that w/o damage.
> You will get gui stuff that I've done which may or may not be to your
> taste, and which will need a couple encoder dials on the apron and some
> mode pushbuttons too.  Rather than preserve the cranks, I've made jog
> wheels out of the encoders, so I can drive it by hand too at 1,2,5
> selectable speeds. Encoders are from, $20/copy. If they aren't
> there, you can also use the keyboard. Even with my image, it will be a
> slog to do because I didn't start with a usable machine, so much of the
> conversion is my own design.
>> Thanks! Have a good day!
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