I was wondering if anyone was aware of any guidance documents that provided 
acceptable levels of uncertainty when conducting various tests.


I didn’t know what “uncertainty” is, so I did a Google search and found this 




Of particular interest is 1.2, which discusses “pass-fail.”  In both product 
safety and EMC compliance, the result is “pass” or “fail.”  The document says:


“Often, a test is not a measurement: tests normally lead to a ‘yes/no’ answer 
or a ‘pass/fail’ result. (However, measurements may be part of the process 
leading up to a test result.)”


So, our standards specify tests and test limits, pass or fail.  


Just looking for some additional guidance documents or standards that would 
help me convince the powers that be that such errors are unacceptable.


Well, according to the document, you need to take into account what you call 
“errors” as they are not errors but different measurements that need to be 
accounted for in determining the “pass-fail.”


At the end of the document are two references, which are much more detailed.





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