Hi John

> http://gnipsel.com/images/touch-probe/touch-probe-01.jpg
> http://gnipsel.com/images/touch-probe/touch-probe-02.jpg

Thanks for the images.

That's surprisingly simple. I would have expected that much higher 
surface quality on the contacts is needed. Interesting.

My guess would be be a hard gold on nickle plating on a brass body, 
elector polishing the surfaces prior to coating might be a good idea. 
And to ensure a long life the max. current has to be small, but not to 
small, 500µA maybe and only very small capacitive and inductive loads on 
the line.

I once thought about building a high precision touch probe, but in the 
end I just used a precision witch from Baumer, <1µm repeatability for 
about 100 EUR, but that is single contact (1D switch).

See you

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